Saturday, January 28, 2012

Available Adult Dogs

**** $200.00 ****
Bao Bao is a beautiful 4 yr. old boy.  He is in need of attention and needs to be neutered.  BaoBao loves chasing sticks and spending time with the kids.  He has good hips and elbows. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


California is where it all began.  Daisy Mae Dogs was
established in 2003 with Daisy, the matriarch of the

Our dogs are family dogs and our puppies are just
the same.  They are whelped in our home and begin
socialization from day one.  Our children, ages 9 to
11, help to provide for the puppies and parents and
they are never without attention.  

The Labrador Retriever:The Labrador Retriever ("Lab" for short),

is one of several kinds of retrievers, and is the most popular
breed of dog (by registered ownership) in both the
United States and the United Kingdom. The breed is
exceptionally affable, intelligent, energetic and good
natured, making them excellent companions and
working dogs. Labrador Retrievers respond well to
praise and positive attention. They are also well
known as enjoying water, since historically, they were
selectively bred for retrieving in water environments
as "gun dogs" and as companions in waterfowl
hunting. This also gave them time to bond with their
owner, which leads to them having a good

About Our Business:Our goal is to bring puppies together
with the families they are meant to be with.  We are selective
in who is allowed to purchase our puppies in an effort to
ensure that they go to a loving family and home.  After all,

they are part of our family.  The majority of our puppies do go
to homes where they will be used for hunting.

We provide a three generation history on our
puppies with verification of no genetic dysplasia in
their lines.  They have their first shots before they go
to their new homes, dews have been removed and the pups

have been wormed.  We provide a puppy packet
for their new families, including an AKC registration
and an immunization record.

Please ask us about our Health Guarantee.  If for
some reason your puppy is not working out, please
call us.

Our Dogs

Bao Bao - (Little Treasure) No better stock than this.  BaoBao is a 3 yr. old who's Sire came from Winchester Kennel's.  He is a large boy who loves children.  BaoBao has an extensive pedigree that includes CH, FC and AFC
OFA - BaoBao has "good" hips and "normal" elbows.  His DNA profile is available upon request.

Maggie - The grand-daughter of Daisy and the most mellow of our dogs.  Maggie is the daughter of Mae and a real treasure.  You can't go wrong with one of her pups.
OFA - Maggie has "good" hips.

Ella - The smallest and most athletic of our dogs.  Ella came to us as a  rescue dog with a great pedigree.  She spends the most time with her pups and is a fantastic mom.
OFA - Ella has "excellent" hips.

Daisy - The one who started it all.  Daisy is a very sweet girl who is now retired.  She is very smart and produces very sound puppies.  Daisy is now living the high life as an indoor dog.
OFA - Daisy has "good" hips.

MaeMae - (Little Sister) Mae is a daughter from Daisy's first litter.  She is very loving and the most protective.  She won't let anyone near her kids (that would be her people and puppy kids).  Mae's pedigree includes MH.

Ashes - Ashes is the sister to Daisy and is very petite and active.  She loves water, in all forms, and mothers everyone.  Ashes is retired and has moved on to a family with lots of boys to keep her busy.  She is one happy dog!  Ashes has since retired.
OFA - Ashes has "good" hips

Stryder - Stryder is a big beautiful lab that belongs to some friends of ours.  This endeavor started with them wanting another dog just like him.  They have a few to choose from.  Stryder is a very mellow, light colored boy who loves long walks with his family.
OFA - Stryder has "good" hips.

All pedigree's and OFA certificates are available for inspection at anytime.